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Pride, From Five Days of Rockets

This solidarity is not only occurring among Israelis. It also takes the form of messages coming in from all over the world: SMS, emails, phone calls, “likes” on Facebook. This daily support -- know that it does touch us and strengthen us. Thank you. We are grateful for it.

News: I have never watched the news so intently. I go from one website to another, checking what’s “breaking,” counting the number of rockets fired since the morning. I wake up checking what is going on and I fall asleep with my phone in my hand. Every time I read an unknown person has been injured, my stomach hurts and I stop everything to recite a psalm for his or her speedy recovery.

Technologies: Tsahal, or the Israel Defence Forces, understood that this time it cannot lose the “social network war.” The IDF tweets when it strikes Hamas terrorist heads or hits stashed weapons. It puts videos online and refreshes its Facebook page continuously.

Technology also means the “Iron Dome” -- the mechanism that intercepts the murderous rockets when they hurtle towards heavily populated areas. Each missile is $40,000, but in Israel life has no price.

Disgust: Some explain this operation with conspiracy theories, asserting that Bibi had organized this to get more votes in the upcoming elections.

Confidence: I have a strong and renewed confidence in the Jewish people’s culture of resilience. And an even stronger confidence in the Source of everything, Hakadosh Baruch Hu, the Holy One, Blessed Be He, who at every single moment protects us and saves us.

Pride: I have an enormous sense of pride for this country, an undefinable feeling that thrills me and gives me courage. Israel feeds this feeling every day with what I see around me, making it clear to me that moving here was the right choice.