Presidential Candidates as 'Star Wars' Characters

"A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away..." lived Donald J. Trump. This year, the presidential primary race has proven stranger than fiction -- for both Democrats and Republicans. It is only fitting, therefore, to tie it in with the fictional universe of Darth Sidious and Anakin Skywalker.

star wars

Bernie Sanders is Chewbacca. Fuzzy and lovable, Chewbacca is a loyal friend but he might not always understand what's going on. One suspects that neither Chewbacca nor Bernie Sanders has ever read an economics book.

star wars1

Hillary Clinton is Darth Vader. Despite her steely -- ahem "personable" -- exterior, Hillary Clinton has a plan for you. As Bernie Sanders pushes the Democratic Party further left, Hillary "is altering the deal," along with her principles -- swapping sides on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, gay marriage, the Keystone Pipeline, "taking a stand" against Wall Street, and so much more...

star wars2

Bill Clinton is Queen Amidala. People think this young, charismatic leader of the past had a big impact, but all they did was empower others -- Padme Amidala empowered Emperor Palpatine, while Bill Clinton empowered Newt Gingrich.

star wars3

Martin O'Malley is Grand Moff Tarkin -- Grand Moff who? An ambitious underling tasked with leadership of the Empire's Death Star project, Grand Moff Tarkin is an imposing force, but he will never become a Sith Lord like Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine. So Martin O'Malley, given leadership of the Democratic stronghold of Maryland, aims for more but will never grasp control of the entire country.

star wars4

Marco Rubio is Luke Skywalker. Florida Senator Marco Rubio may have ties to the Establishment, as Luke has ties to the Dark Side, but he may be conservatives' best hope for the White House in 2016.