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President Who Derided Photo-Ops Now Doing ISIS and Ebola Photo-Ops

CNN reports that the White House is eager to show the president "hard at work" so they are running Obama through a series of photo-ops.

CNN says: "The White House appears eager to show the President taking action, showing him at work. Today he heads to Andrews Air Force base to discuss the war against ISIS with 20 foreign defense chiefs. That meeting, of course, comes after the President held a conference call on a federal holiday with top advisors along with the CDC director on the fight against Ebola and allowed this picture to be taken; both of these events following a high-profile strategy session on ISIS at the Pentagon last week — another photo-op.”

All presidents do photo-ops. It's part of the job, though President Obama gives off the impression that he believes that photo-ops are the job. Pose here, shake these hands, attack Republicans with these lines, collect a pile of money, call it a day.

Only, back in July, the Photo-Op President dismissed photo-ops during the border crisis. That was when Obama refused to visit the Texas-Mexico border, which was being overrun with thousands of illegal aliens, despite the fact that he was in Austin for a fundraiser hosted by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

That refusal ended up begetting this photo-op, when politics of the moment forced Obama to meet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry.