President Stuxnet

Indeed, the “worm” has succeeded in circumventing the old constitutional firewall, leaving no alternative but to purge the system of the malicious code that has taken over its internal workings. The upcoming congressional elections are a modest beginning, but, should the effort succeed, a potent defense, perhaps via constitutional amendments, will need to be set up in the future to prevent or at least mitigate a recurrence of such vermicular infestations.

Meanwhile, the septic travesty persists. In less than two years under Obama’s once-clandestine tradecraft, the United States has become almost unrecognizable, saddled with astronomical deficits, printing fiat currency, shredding the protocols of investment security, retreating before the threats looming on the international front, bowing to autocratic belligerents, utterly misconstruing the volatile Middle East to everyone’s eventual detriment, ceding to the most corrupt institution on the face of the planet, a.k.a. the United Nations, promoting costly and dubious new-age fantasies like cap and tax, distorting the concept and practice of justice as it pertains to the treatment of its own people, and showing itself hospitable to the creeping advance of Sharia jihad into the nation’s vitals.

Whether we regard the president as the modern embodiment of the arsonist Herostratus or the human version of the Stuxnet worm, the damage that he has done to the complex grid of assumptions, legalities, policies, and enactments that scaffold the structure of the republic cannot be underestimated. An antidote will have to be found, sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the system will inevitably crash. The Obamanator will see to it.