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President Klaus: Climate Alarmism No Longer 'Fashionable'

Czech President Vaclav Klaus may be the only world leader with a PHD in economics. That fact may give him special insight into the climate change debate and how the imposition of draconian "solutions" to warming will alter western societies forever.

Klaus spoke on Monday night at the 7th annual International Climate Change Conference being sponsored by the Heartland Institute in Chicago this week.

Klaus is an impressive man with an impressive resume. He has served in a variety of elected and appointed posts in his country, including finance minister, prime minister, and chairman of the Chamber of Deputies. In 2003, he was elected president. Re-elected in 2008, Klaus has been a lonely voice for reason in the climate debates in Europe. This has given him a unique perspective on what climate realists are up against.

Klaus believes that global warming has "ceased to be fashionable" and that it has disappeared from the headlines. He sees this as a mixed blessing:

The undeniable fact is that almost from one day to the next the global warming debate ceased to be fashionable. It disappeared from the headlines. It may weaken the position of the global warming fundamentalists but it makes it more difficult for us, the “deniers” or “skeptics”, as they call us, to motivate people to think about this issue and to openly and politically express their views about the irrational, human freedom curtailing, human prosperity undermining measures and policies introduced by the political establishments in most of the countries of the world in the last two decades, not to speak about the measures prepared for the future. We have to keep repeating that our planet is determined not only by anthropogenic influences but dominantly by long term exogenous and endogenous natural processes and that most of them are beyond any human control.

The alarmism has subsided, they want to make it “low profile”. Declarations such as the one in Dr. Pachauri´s manifesto from 1989 that “global warming is the greatest crisis ever faced collectively by humankind” are no longer popular. The former radical alarmists, even the scientists connected with the IPCC, changed their tactic. More and more often we hear carefully worded statements that “some environmentalists, supported by the media, exaggerated the conclusions that had been carefully formulated by scientists”. We know that they were not “carefully formulated”. These “conclusions” were very easy to reformulate.

Another problem for climate realists is that children have already been indoctrinated:

We have to accept that they have succeeded in establishing the religion of environmentalism as the official religion of Western society, as the religion which asks for a radical transformation of the whole Western civilization. We – at least some of us – have to play with them in the arena chosen by them.

There are probably more and more people around us now who do not buy the alarmism of the GWD but we have to accept that they are not sufficiently motivated to do anything against it. And they don’t know how. Politicians and political activists, bureaucrats in the national and international organizations, and representatives of the subsidized businesses are organized and due to it are able to push this doctrine further ahead because to do so is in their narrowly defined interests. Ordinary people are not organized and do not have politically formulated interests. They are also not helped by the existing political parties because these parties are not raising this issue either. They are already – almost all of them – more or less captured by the Greens.

His summation was an eloquent call for action:

To sum up today’s simple message: empirical data are important; scientific discoveries are important; the disclosure of malpractices in the IPCC and other “bastions” of the GWD are important; but we have to take part in the undergoing ideological battle. The subtitle of my five-year-old book was “What is Endangered: Climate or Freedom?” There is no doubt that it is all about freedom. We should keep that in mind.

The entire text of President Klaus' address follows on the next page.