Pres. Obama: With Assad Finished, Don't Dare Pull a Jimmy Carter on Syria

This brings us to the meeting of the Syrian opposition that took place in Antalya, Turkey, this week. The organizers, funders, and promoters of this meeting: the Muslim Brotherhood. Everyone else is in a subservient role, including the Damascus Declaration. Their real leadership has been silenced in jails, and those in control today -- eager to please -- imitate the Islamists in their exclusionary practices.

One of the experienced politicians able to run a government-in-exile -- he was the vice-president of Syria for many years -- was excluded from the meeting. So were the Kurdish political organizations and many minority groups, including the Alawite opposition to Assad. Do not blame the Damascus Declaration for their weakness -- blame the Islamists for their cunning.

The Obama administration cannot get this wrong. Syrian liberals and seculars must lead the fight for the soul and future of Syria, not the Muslim Brotherhood or the weak Damascus Declaration. A new younger leadership is rising inside Syria, and once that youth sees through the fog, it will take charge of its own destiny.

If the Muslim Brotherhood, working so diligently to exclude Syrians, is successful in managing to deceive the U.S. and the EU, I can guarantee millions of Syrians will look to emigrate to Europe and the U.S. in fear of detention, violence, murder, even women being stoned -- all the horrors of present-day Iran.

Syria is our country, President Obama. Not theirs.

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