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Predictably, Land Day Protests Turn Violent

The ensuing calamity resulted in visibly frustrated Palestinian aggressors largely retreating from Israeli security forces. The protesters who remained after most of the crowd dispersed were unable to sustain any cohesive momentum to continue their violence. By nightfall, only infrequent reports of rock-throwing and verbal incitement were being reported on Israeli radio and television.

The underlying failure of the Palestinian cause has been and continues to be its inability to look inward and to contemplate the underlying reason of their discontent. The crowds, led by political demagogues, misdirected their anger at Israeli authorities in the wake of their own leadership’s failings and dabblings in folly-induced, faux-nationalist events.

Revolutions in other Arab nations have not acted as catalysts for popular protest or civil disobedience in the West Bank and Gaza against their respective ruling regimes. The political leadership of Hamas and Fatah allow their citizens to wallow in mediocrity. The respective leaders of both organizations jockey amongst themselves for power, further the status quo by refusing to negotiate with Israel, and manage to distract their people by allowing the Palestinian street to vent its steam when needed, usually at Israel’s expense. These displays almost categorically lead to injuries, and sometimes cost Palestinians their lives.

The Palestinian leadership devotes years to planning and hundreds of thousands of manpower hours to these displays of false national victimhood -- protests that spiral into violence, incitement, terrorism, and other grand plans of subterfuge that always end in grandiose failure to obtain their number-one goal: a state of Palestine. Recognition and realization of a Palestinian state will only come when Palestinians recognize the source of their anguish does not come from Israel, but from within their own ranks.