Pound-for-Pound, America's Most Embarrassing City

Idyllic southeastern Connecticut -- for my money, one of the premier spots in America for quality of life considering its low real estate prices, lovely coastline, and proximity to New York and Boston -- has put together an equally idyllic run of perfectly humiliating national news stories. Astoundingly, all the open-fly-in-the-yearbook-photo headlines have been generated by the crumbling ex-whaling hub of New London, some accomplishment considering its sub-30,000 population.

Almost since whale oil was replaced by drilling, a collection of Detroit-style Democrats have maintained a chokehold on this American city in need of revitalization and reinvention. A century later, there is no justifiable reason -- considering New London's natural beauty and location -- for it not to be Connecticut's version of the Hamptons besides its wretched collection of Democrats.

For example, Ernest Hewett (D):

State Rep. Ernest Hewett, D-New London, refused to resign Friday after losing his role as deputy speaker of the House over what was taken as a lewd remark he made to a teenage girl at a legislative hearing last week.

"I'm not stepping down from the seat. I have people in New London I have to represent here," said Hewett, 56, an eight-year House veteran.


Hewett said Thursday that he didn't mean anything sexual, but admitted he could see how someone could take it that way and added: "I have weird ways of getting my point across."

Just how weird was revealed Friday ... The girl to whom he made the remark -- whose name and high school were muted off the recording at the points she said them -- testified to the committee for about her positive experience as a "teen ambassador" for two years at the science center. ... "During that time I was able discover that I really love working with children. It was so much fun for me. I was able to teach little children about certain things, like snakes that we have."


"And if you're bashful, I've got a snake settin' under my desk here," Hewett said.

Wonderful. The girl is seventeen. And lest you think he feels troubled by a supposed slip of his forked tongue and perhaps might want to recompense by offering the girl some career assistance:

Hewett also told the Courant that he had no history or problem with women, but did not want a female intern in his office.

“I purposely will not have female interns,” he told the Hartford paper. “My intern now is a male. I want to keep it like that. I’ve had female interns in the past that sit in my office all day. I thought it was totally weird and I didn’t want another."

Hewett also told the paper he went several years without an intern because he only wanted male interns, and couldn’t control who was assigned to him.

“They may give me a female, but I don’t want a female intern,” he told Courant staff . “That may sound sexist, but I really don’t. That way that keeps me good, and that keeps everybody else good.”

So that's the most recent humiliation.

Go back to 2011 for New London's prior national headline: does Hewett's (DDDDD) way with the ladies top the "$11 million toilet"? You decide:

NL shuts off water because people have been defecating and urinating in fountain

New London - The city turned off the water at the new whale tail fountain over the weekend after someone defecated in the water, City Councilor Michael Buscetto III said.

"People are using the tail as a latrine,'' city resident Evelyn Louziotis said. "It's an $11 million bathroom."

"It's sad,'' Buscetto said during Monday's City Council meeting. "It's two steps forward and three steps backward. There are people in the city who don't care, and they need to be dealt with."

Buscetto said since water started flowing in the whale fountain last month, police and fire officials have been called for people urinating, defecating and washing themselves off in the fountain water. He said some people who have cut themselves have also used the fountain to rinse off blood.

In an attempt to bring some tourism to the waterfront, New London bypassed measures such as "tax breaks", "crime prevention", "sanitation", and "relocating the prostitutes", and instead went with outrageously expensive public art, and then chose an installation which sprays water downward from a height without foreseeing that some might find such an installation useful as a shower.