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Political Extremism Infiltrates the Pentagon

Brooks clearly does not see the horrid event as the culmination of a failed approach to a gathering threat, but an occurrence based on chance. Now, "al-Qaeda has become the vast global threat the administration imagined it to be in 2001," she says, owing it to the neocon administration's warped reality.

The Israeli offensive in Gaza against Hamas also drew ire from Brooks. "The assault in Gaza has more to do with internal politics than its national security," she writes, apparently thinking that having neighboring territory controlled by a terrorist group that openly states its desire to destroy Israel isn't worthy of a military offensive. She opines that a military campaign won't bring about peace because Hamas will inevitably rearm and such actions create extremism which foments the conflict. If this logic is true, then the U.S. might as well leave Afghanistan and stop any attacks on terrorist targets overseas.

Brooks is also a member of the paranoid opposition -- the type of political activist who so dislikes their rivals that they become convinced they are capable of all kinds of evil, reduced to an almost subhuman cornucopia of insanity and deceit. She sounded the alarm that the Bush administration was on the war path with Iran, willing to believe intelligence that incriminated their next target and showcase it to the media to make their case. She cast doubt upon the administration's claims that the Iranians were helping arm the insurgents, giving the mullahs a benefit of the doubt she would never give the administration.

With Brooks' appointment, this sentiment has gone from simply foolish and disrespectful to dangerous, as her hyper-partisanship has caused her to assume that one must be mentally ill in order to agree with President Bush's positions. That sort of arrogance and narrow-mindedness, assuming your opponents' disagreements can only be attributable to a disorder, is exactly the opposite of the type of minds we need at the Department of Defense.

This isn't talk radio. This is policy formulation. Unless there's an undisclosed advisor to Fluornoy of an opposite viewpoint, then a partisan enclave where the far left has a monopoly on intellectual discourse has been created in the Pentagon. For the sake of our national security, we must hope that Fluornoy's admiration for Brooks' viewpoints is limited to legal matters and hope that the marketplace of ideas hasn't been banned from the debate on that issue.

Ironically, Brooks has criticized President Bush's "cooking of the intelligence books." If the politicizing of national security is of such a concern to Brooks, she should resign immediately.