Plenty of Schock, Very Little Awe at Mandatory Obama Signage

The proposal to cut funding for the signs is part of the Republican YouCut program, in which five proposals are posted on the YouCut website each week and the top vote-getter is brought to the House floor in a procedure which forces a vote on whether or not to debate the measure.

At the time of this writing, the proposal to remove funding for signage touting the $787 billion “stimulus package” and to require a report on just how much money has been spent is the top vote-getter on the site.

Shocok said he would introduce a separate bill as well.

PJM reported last month that the cost of the signs could be as much as $192 million or more by the time the funded projects are completed.

“We're gonna make an easy $20 million cut,” Schock said last Wednesday. It cuts to the heart of the Democrats' message that "there are no easy cuts."

“They always trot out the children or suggest you're gonna put people at some kind of disadvantage if you make cuts in government,” he said. “This is a glaring example of abuse of taxpayer trust that they would blow this kind of money on self-promoting propaganda.”

Schock said he was incensed over the cost of the signs and what they imply.

“Signs over $10,000 a piece?” he asked. “This after the president spent all that time promoting the stimulus as job-creating infrastructure investment? Less than eight percent of this bill actually went to infrastructure, and then of that tens of millions of dollars getting wasted on signs.”