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Please Let This Happen: Hillary 2016 Super Pac Launched

Popcorn time.

“Our purpose is simple: We are ready to work for Hillary to be president when she is ready to run,” Black told the Center for Public Integrity, which first noticed the filing. “When our Web site launches in a few weeks, we plan to reach out to our grass-roots networks and contributors to mobilize them to support her.”

I've almost been salivating at the prospect of the party of youthful diversity hitting the 2016 presidential election with an almost septuagenarian retread candidate. Perhaps we can discuss head injuries and fitness for the job while we're at it.

If both Hillary and Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep keep making noise about 2016, it may funnel money away from dark horse candidates coming out of nowhere. As we found out in 2008, it's difficult running against an unknown who just gets to make it up as he goes along.