Please, Please, Please Call Me a Racist™

This is not a comprehensive list, but if you meet these requirements, you too could be a Racist™!

Oh how I love being a Racist™! I consider it a badge of honor, like a war wound obtained defending the Falklands...err, the Malvinas...err, the Maldives.

Why do I embrace such a horrific label? Well, you, like me, may have noticed something happening. Small rumblings. Do you have your ear to the ground?

That, dear reader, is the sound of a distant stampede. No, it’s not a coming race war — don’t fall into the left-wing trap of reducing the world to categories of race, class, and gender. That sound is, rather, the stampede of an awakened public.

People get it now.

You may have noticed, then, that while the charge of being a Racist™ is still significant, its barbs have dulled somewhat. Blogging and citizen journalism have demonstrated that the media are not merely useless but dangerous. Several months ago, we were told that a white man in Florida decided, spur of the moment, to slay a preteen black boy half his size for no good reason. It turns out that not one part of the foregoing sentence is true. And yet the media proceeds as if we still believed it.

But we get it now.

In other words, we may actually be reaching the point we’ve all been waiting for: the point at which the charge of Racism™ begins to lose its social power. Trust me, I’m aware we have a long way to go: Big Media is unsalvageable, and our universities are still North Korean enclaves, to name but two obstacles.