Playing Darts Is a Uniquely Democractic Exercise

Darts is also not exclusively for the wealthy. Competition quality boards can be had for less than thirty dollars by the savvy shopper and a starter set of steel tips will run you roughly twice that amount. Anyone with a wall and nine feet of open space in front of it can quickly have a practice range in their own home.

That’s what makes darts such a definitively American sport. Anyone from a commoner to a king can do it. And they can rise to the top levels of competition with nothing more than the drive to succeed and the will to practice and work toward that goal. Plus, the social benefits go without question. You haven’t experienced quality time with your friends until you see the priceless expression on their faces as they reach down to pull an errant missile out of their thigh. (As a side note to the intemperate, you may need to work on your sprinting speed before attempting that one at your local watering hole.)

Of course there is no good thing under the sun which corporate America can’t screw up when there’s money involved. In the last few decades, some bars have taken to installing electronic “dart machines” which require you to feed cash into a slot for the privilege of letting a computer keep your score, generally getting it wrong more often than not. This is an abomination against the purity of the sport and you should stick chewing gum in the coin slots of these monstrosities whenever you encounter one.

Some states have also taken it into their heads to outlaw steel tips, insisting instead on plastic boards with thousands of tiny holes in them and stiff, nylon-tipped darts. Absent a direct shot to the cornea, you can’t even injure anyone with one of those, and really, where’s the fun in that? Our forebears with their shiny spears and battered ale barrels are surely gagging in disgust at the thought.

Still, at least until the nanny state wades in and ruins the whole thing, darts remains one of your truly American options for entertainment, competition, and opportunity. Go to the ADO home page and look under the regional information tab to find league and tournament information for your area. You’ve got nothing to lose but a little blood. And possibly an eye. But hey! That’s why God gave you two of them, right?