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Planned Parenthood's 10 Most Feared Enemies in 2012

 9. Jill Stanek

Jill Stanek writes the most popular pro-life blog in the nation. Keith Olbermann once named her "the worst person in the world."  In an average year, Stanek's writings would qualify her for this list, but this is a special election year and she may play a major role in beating Obama.

Stanek used to be a nurse at a hospital in Chicago.  She quit working there when she discovered the hospital was actually partaking in infanticide.  The hospital was taking babies that survived abortions and leaving them to die in a utility closet.  That inspired Stanek to advocacy for life. As I mentioned elsewhere when writing about Stanek, "she helped get some laws in Illinois changed and later, President Bush would sign the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act into law. At the signing Bush publicly recognized Stanek for her contribution."

In 2008, Stanek became a sought-after guest for many conservative media outlets. The former hospital nurse went public to reveal that as a state senator, Obama voted against the Illinois Born-Alive bill multiple times. In other words, Obama voted for infanticide to continue in Illinois. While the mainstream press tried to ignore the topic, Stanek kept pushing it and that made her an enemy of the Left.

Planned Parenthood's biggest goal in 2012 is to reelect Barack Obama. They need him, and they don't want the infanticide issue returning. Sadly for Obama and Planned Parenthood, it already has. Newt Gingrich raised the topic in one of the debates. CNN tried to cover up for the president, even though there is documented proof that Obama voted against the Born-Alive bill in Illinois on multiple occasions.

Obama, many in the media, and clearly Planned Parenthood would like this story to die in the 2012 election. But as Jill Stanek continues to write, do interviews, and give speeches, this issue will most likely remain in the headlines.

The #8 enemy of Planned Parenthood brings religion mixed with politics into the fight.