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Planned Parenthood: Limiting Access to Mammograms

It is akin to Planned Parenthood advertising that they have the number for the fire department … but you need to call Planned Parenthood to get it. Would anyone disagree that doing this would imperil people, and can not be defined as increasing “access”?

Cecile Richards’ misrepresentation of Planned Parenthood’s role in providing mammograms only adds to the truth about Planned Parenthood’s ploy. She recklessly advertised that Planned Parenthood can “increase your access” to a mammogram, but that’s not the impression one gets when listening to Live Action’s telephone sting:

In the first call, Planned Parenthood forwards the caller to another Planned Parenthood, who then offers a referral. Many of the other Planned Parenthood receptionists seem confused by the question and clearly do not know how to handle the phone call -- they do not appear any more informed than the caller. For the few that did know the correct action to take with the caller, they offer little added benefit besides directing them to another phone number.

For an organization that directs people to call them with such questions, they seem to be quite inept, embodying nothing more than an extra step standing in the way of people trying to get help.

Clearly, Planned Parenthood as a whole is not focused on improving mammogram access, but subverting those looking for mammograms to increase counseling headcounts. Defunding, if it clarifies that Planned Parenthood does not actually perform mammograms, would increase access.