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Are liberal comedians cowards or just partisan hacks?

I was channel surfing last night and came a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3R1iZvqSZI”upon George Lopez doing this comedy act/a from 2007. I was appalled when I heard him cursing President Bush with the F word for his decisions on immigration. The curse words flew and of course, his audience was eating it up. Lopez was unhappy with Bush’s stance on immigration. Okay, fair enough. But what if he was unhappy with something Obama did, would he dare curse Obama directly using the F word as he did Bush? No way, and he knows it.br /br /In yesterday’s span style=”font-style: italic;”Washington Times/span article entitled, “For political comedians, the joke’s not on Obama,” the a href=”http://washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/05/for-political-comedians-the-jokes-not-on-obama/”author notes the scarcity of satire: /abr /br /blockquoteWhat’s so unfunny?br /br /That’s what some comics – citing the scarcity of satire directed at President Obama and his administration – want to know.br /br /Claiming that his peers are “panicky” about “being called a racist,” stand-up legend Jackie Mason said too many once-fearless satirists are settling for “hero worship” of the new U.S. president.br /br /The Great Presidential Comedy Drought of 2009 can’t be chalked off to a lack of satirical fodder, said comic Jeffrey Jena, founder of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy blog. (“Looking at politics and life from the right side,” proclaims its motto.)br /br /”Letterman used to do a ‘Bushism of the Week.’ ” Why hasn’t he started one with Obama?” Mr. Jena said. “There’s plenty of those moments, the ‘Ohs, and ‘Umms’ or ‘I don’t speak Austrian.’ ” /blockquotebr /br /And don’t expect right-leaning comics a href=”http://washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/05/for-political-comedians-the-jokes-not-on-obama/?page=2″to fill the void:/abr /br /blockquoteComedian Nick DiPaolo said that although the new administration provides an opening for conservative humorists, that won’t mean they suddenly start appearing on Mr. Letterman’s couch.br /br /Mr. DiPaolo, who mixes conservative-friendly material into his act, said the people behind the major entertainment shows “aren’t going to let someone right of center jump into the arena.” /blockquotebr /br /Glenn Beck a href=”http://washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/05/for-political-comedians-the-jokes-not-on-obama/?page=2″sums it up:/abr /br /blockquoteRadio and Fox News Channel talk show host Glenn Beck, who kicks off a six-city stand-up comedy tour on June 1 in Denver, suggested that both fear and political calculation are inhibiting factors. Comedians like Mr. Letterman are “either afraid, or they know the power of comedy as a weapon and they like using it as that,” he said. /blockquotebr /br /So, coward or political hack, take your pick. Either way, neither speaks well of the character of these comedians or the people behind the major entertainment shows who refuse to give other views a chance to be heard.