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Kudos to Suze Orman

Okay, I cracked. I said I a href=”http://drhelen.blogspot.com/2008/10/why-i-will-no-longer-watch-suze-orman.html”would no longer be watching Suze Orman /adue to her tendency towards sexism towards men and belittling. But I did watch it a few times and I have to give credit where credit is due. I saw a recent show where she said that word had gotten around that she was not fair to men. She stated that this was not true–that she would give the same advice to men about relationships that she gave to women. br /br /”Yeah, right,” I thought because that was not what I had heard so far in her advice. For example, one week, she told a woman to quickly divorce her husband because he told her he would call the police if she went through his mail again. Ms. Orman does not know what led up to that encounter, for all we know, the woman was snooping through the guy’s stuff and was a control freak. I doubt she would tell a man to divorce a woman that quickly. I have never heard it. If you have, let me know. br /br /But in this week’s show, I was surprised to see that she gave a fair shake to men on a couple of occasions. The first was when a husband called in to ask what he should do about a wife who ran up bills but would not work. “Do you like your wife?” Suze asked. The guy said “yes” but that she was just irresponsible about the finances. Ms. Orman then proceeded to tell him to stop the heavy burden of paying for everything and let his wife pick up the slack. “But my credit will be ruined” the caller moaned. “Then how much could you like your wife who would do that to you?” Ms. Orman asked and with that she ended the call. Great question and psychologically astute. br /br /Another female caller asked how she could get her husband-to-be to put her name on his condo that he had paid for and was paying a mortgage on. The woman had a property that she sold and kept the money on to move in with this guy. “He is being stingy,” the woman said. Ms. Orman set her straight. “No,” she said, “he paid on this condo, built equity and now you want your name on it. He is not stingy, you are less than generous.” Amen. br /br /Kudos to Ms. Orman for at least trying to make an attempt to be fair. It is more than many media personalities will do.