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Clinton Easily Wins West Virginia Primary

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Is Obama’s Lead Durable Enough to Withstand Tuesday’s Rout? (John Dickerson)

There Is No Nominee: On to the Five Remaining Primaries (TalkLeft)

As West Virginia Goes. . .?: “There are many Democratic voters in Ohio and Pennsylvania who fit the West Virginia and/or Kentucky profile. Obama may need to do reasonably well with such voters to carry these two crucial states.” (Power Line)

Clinton’s Victory Speech: “The White House is won in the swing states, and I am winning in the swing states.” (Marc Ambinder)

Democratic Popular Vote Totals (RCP) Delegate Scorecard (CBS News)

Four Ways Hillary Can Spin Her Victory (Slate)

Reason for Obama to Worry: “Results, though, highlight a weakness of Obama, the presumptive nominee, that could be central to the kind of coalition he seeks to assemble in November.” (Ben Smith)

Blame the Voter: “We will hear plenty about the racist, poor West Virginia voters from the punditocracy.” (Jennifer Rubin)

Clinton Could Be Hurt by Overblown Expectations: “The only question now is what her winning margin — and pledged delegate haul — will be…The margin matters, and the Clinton camp could find themselves on the losing end of the expectations game. (Reid Wilson)

Live Results (ABC News)

Half of WV Primary Voters Think Obama Agrees with Wright ‘a Lot’ or ‘Somewhat’ (Jim Geraghty)

Of Yellow Dogs and Democrats (The State)

Why West Virginia Matters (MSNBC)

Clinton Campaign Brought Sexism out of Hiding (RCP)

Hillary Confronts Defeat with Message of Unity (Times of London)

Former DNC Chair Romer backs Obama (ABC News)

Majority of Dems Want Hillary as Veep (CNN)

West Virginia Inspires Anti-Obama = Racist Meme (NRO Campaign Spot)

Is Hillary Set to Pull the Plug? (NY Post)

Obama’s Trouble with Reagan Democrats on Display in WV (Politico)

Carville Admits Obama Likely Nominee (CNN)

Clinton on the Ropes, but Still Has Clout (IHT)

WV Power Outages (Probably) Nothing to Worry About (Register-Herald)

Poll Predicts Huge Clinton Win (PR Newswire)

Obama Spending Primary Day in Missouri Town: “It’s the hometown of the nation’s most prominent conservative commentator, Rush Limbaugh, who has been encouraging Republicans to cross over in some state Democratic primaries and vote for Clinton.” (STL Today)

No Matter What, Clinton Will Keep Going until June (ABC)

Touble at the Polls? “A Democratic lawyer in West Virginia is raising questions about the Voter ID requirements being used by West Virginia election officials.” (Politico)

Polls and Predictions: “I predict a 71-28-1 split, with a 12 delegate Clinton pickup. However, enough super delegates will have come in between yesterday and Thursday to offset her gain completely.” (American Street)

What to Watch for in West Virginia (CNN)

West Virginia Woman Wearing Obama T-shirt Shakes Hands with … Hillary (Jaded City)

What Today Means: “We have come full circle. Clinton is now playing up the significance of a small state, and Obama is playing the game of lowered expectations.” (Comments From Left Field)

Dems to Clinton: Don’t Say Anything to Hurt Us (ABC News)

The West Virginia Factor? “It’s going to be an anti-climactic victory for Hillary” (Pamela on Politics, BET)

Come on Hillary, Does West Virginia Truly Matter That Much? (Lee Wochner)

West Virginia Kid Sells Toys, Gives Proceeds to Hillary (TSSZ)

Latest Polls Predicting Landslide Loss for Obama (TPM)

Clinton Supporter on WV Vote: ‘Just Wait ‘Til We Win like 80-20′ (Political Ticker)

Obama Sporting Flag Pin as He Campaigns in W. Virginia (McClatchy)

Hillary Refers to Next President as “He” (Telegraph)

Obama Keeps Dissing Baby Boomers (Talk Left)

There’s a Good Reason Obama Can’t Win in West Virginia (Let’s Debate)

New York pols pushing Clinton vice-presidency (NY Daily News)

Group Pushing Clinton for VP is Tied to Her Campaign (McClatchy)