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Obama Wins Mississippi Primary

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ABC News: Live results

AP: Ferraro’s Obama remark rocks Dems before Mississippi vote

Clarion Ledger: High turnout expected. Will Republicans cross over?

Sun Herald: Mississippi matters today, but what about tomorrow?

USA Today: “Mississippi gets a rare turn in the presidential campaign spotlight Tuesday, with a primary that – for Democrats anyway – has a national impact seldom seen in the Magnolia State.”

RCP: Latest Mississippi polls show Obama up by a spread of 6 (min) to 24 (max)

LA Times: Obama at Columbus, Miss. rally – Hillary wants to “bamboozle” and “hoodwink” voters

Cotton Mouth: Transcript of Hillary Radio Ads running in Mississippi today

YouDecide2008 / YouTube: video of local TV coverage

Where’s the Outrage: History of Mississippi Primary

AP: “Obama was favored to win in Tuesday’s nominating race in Mississippi, a southern state where blacks-who have carried him to wins previously-make up a majority of the Democratic voters.”

The Field: “Although the overall Mississippi statewide vote is likely to deliver about 58 percent on Tuesday to Obama to 41 for Clinton – a landslide victory with a margin of 17 points – the proportional representation math in Mississippi – given the racial gerrymandering its four congressional districts – works to Clinton’s favor.”

Liberal Journal: “Honestly, I’ve been hit with serious horserace fatigue the past couple of days. But there is a primary tomorrow, and there has been some bogus stuff from the Hillary camp, so here goes.”

I, Obamacrat: “Mississippi Forecast: Sunny with Scattered Landslides”