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"How Do You Feel About Abortion?"

Imagine you’re a guy out on a first date and this is a question a woman asks you over dinner conversation. Why does she ask? a href=”http://msn.match.com/msn/article.aspx?articleid=7564TrackingID=516311BannerID=544657menuid”MSN’s article /aon five things guys love to hear and five things guys hate to hear tells us:br /br /blockquoteThis type of question is known among men as a litmus test—a touchy topic that women raise to gauge whether we’re politically, morally, or spiritually on the same page as them (the death penalty, gay marriage, and the war in Iraq also fit the bill). Sure, we probably have strong opinions. But we’re not interested in getting into them with you, at least not yet. After all, this is a date, not debate club. Let’s have fun and save more heated back-and-forths for later./blockquote br /br /After a question posed as a test like that, there’s a later? Poor fool.