PJM Political 9/10/08: Starring a Cast of Thousands!

Well, if you count the audience inside the Xcel Energy Center. But PJM Political itself is back and loaded for bear moose this week:

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Back in orbit on the mighty XM satellite after two weeks on Terra firma, join host Steve Green and an all-star cast of pundits, bloggers, politicans--and even actors:

  • The Minneapolis GOP Convention premiere of An American Carol with Roger L. Simon, Glenn Reynolds and Ed Driscoll interview stars Jon Voight and Robert Davi, and screenwriter/producer Myrna Sokoloff. Pluse a surprise Michael Moore cameo!
  • Austin Bay interviews Glenn Reyolds and James Lileks on initial reaction to the Sarah Palin veep pick.  (A brief excerpt of a much longer conversation, found here.)
  • Lileks on the impact of the convention protestors in Denver and Minneapolis.
  • David Frum, recorded on the first day of the GOP Convention inside the Xcel Convention Center on his new book, Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again.
  • Blogosphere satirist Scott Ott of Scrappleface.com, recorded on the second day of the convention.
  • Also recorded at the GOP Convention: former Senator Fred Thompson interviewed exclusively for Pajamas Media by the only interviewer who could possibly do him justice—his wife, Jeri Thompson.
  • And host Steve Green with his thoughts on Palin and McCain’s convention speeches, war gaming the Electoral College, and some thoughts on Thursday’s seventh anniversary of 9/11.
  • Produced by Ed Driscoll.

A few of the segments can also be seen on Pajamas' new PJTV channel.  And if you missed any previous episodes of PJM Political, click here and scroll through for hours of audio archives.