PJM Political 10/1/08: Post-Wall Street Meltdown, Pre-Veep Debate Edition

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PJM Political provides a midweek snapshot of a crucial election week: two days after a spectacular Wall Street meltdown and one day before the critical vice presidential debate:

  • Allen Barton, the host of Pajamas Media's PJTV online video network talks with Nicole Gelinas from the Manhattan Institute on why the government’s bailout bill failed to pass on Monday--along with a forecast of additional financial carnage to come.
  • Brian C. Anderson, the editor of City Journal magazine, discusses his new book A Manifesto for Media Freedom--focusing on whether the Fairness Doctrine will be descending upon AM talk radio.
  • James Lileks and Roger Kimball each provide their iconoclastic perspectives on the bailout.
  • Rick Moran, Pajamas’ Chicago editor and PJM Political host Steve Green, forecast Thursday’s debate.
  • Produced by Ed Driscoll.

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