PJM Book Club: Blogging Rules for Radicals

The American middle class has been way too trusting, way too slow to respond to the warning signs. And way too busy earning the money to keep their families secure while paying taxes to fund the very organizations bent on the destruction of traditional America.

But the tea parties, the Mommy Patriots, the growing number of Americans identifying themselves as conservatives, and the bucking of the two-party game to support conservative candidates rather than RINOs -- these are hopeful signs. The sleeping giant may well be waking, shaking, and ready to roll.

Many are playing catch-up and may have only heard bits and pieces from Rules for Radicals. But the more we know of the philosophical underpinnings of O & Co., the better our position to expose the man behind the curtain. And the sooner we understand, the better. So let's read and discuss -- now!

Rules for Radicals is available quickly and easily. Please, please get yourself a copy to read and discuss with me.

We will kick off discussion Friday on the book's prologue, then proceed with a chapter at a time for the following three weeks -- covering the nine chapters successively on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This will allow us to wrap things up before the week of Thanksgiving -- allowing us to turn our full attention to our families for that important holiday, which may mean more than ever to us after hearing where Alinsky, though he died in 1972, has us headed.

For an introduction to Alinsky, please read "The Democratic Process: Saul Alinsky and His Legacy."