PJ Media Special Coverage of the NRA Annual Meeting

PJ Media and PJTV will be at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville from April 10-12, 2015.

InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds (@instapundit) is speaking at the National Firearms Law Seminar tomorrow morning, Friday, April 10.  Check out Glenn’s latest on The Economist’s epic fail on guns, built on a debunked study and a “not-so-veiled attempt to undercut the push to arm women for self-defense on college campuses.”

Joining Glenn in Nashville are Liz Sheld (@starchambermaid), Editor-at-Large at PJ Media; Amber Smith (@ambersmithusa), former Army Kiowa pilot and new PJTV contributor; and a PJTV crew.  Together, they will cover the 2016 presidential hopefuls’ performances, the trends in females at the range and who the real survivalists are.

Courtesty pistolrange.com

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