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Pittsburgh and the Misplaced Anger of "Liberal" Jews

Now that we have a #BLEXIT, maybe it's time for a #JEXIT.

That is what came to mind when I watched the self-described liberal and progressive Jews protesting Donald and Melania Trump on POTUS and FLOTUS' visit to express condolences for the victims at Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Synagogue.

#BLEXIT, many of us know now, is a new movement, largely initiated by Candace Owens (who may have jumped the shark a bit re: Kanye West, but that's the subject of another discussion) imploring blacks to get off the liberal plantation that has done them no good for nigh on to fifty years.  It's #BLEXIT as in #BREXIT and the personal testimonials on their website are a revelation. (Watch them!)

Blacks and Jews were allies during the days of the Civil Rights Movement, but that went South a while ago, as we know.  But despite Farrakhan et al, they aren't that far apart ideologically, even today.

Both groups are comprised too largely of the most slavish liberal/progressive conformists [bold deliberate]. These days, Jews and blacks share a rigid conformity straight out of the theme from the 1963's Patty Duke Show: “They laugh alike, they walk alike, at times they even talk alike. You can lose your mind … when cousins are two of a kind!”

You definitely could lose your mind with this knee-jerk conformity. You could lose your country as well.

Blacks at least have the excuse of having been an exploited underclass, although relying on such excuses does you no good and impedes progress, in fact encourages the reverse.

You would think the Jews, with their emphasis on education, might know better.  But again these days, there's no greater conformist than a Harvard professor or some Jewish columnist for the Washington Post.  Their views are stupefyingly predictable.

Of course, conformity breeds group think breeds blindness.  The idea that Donald Trump caused the horrific killings at the synagogue is nothing short of absurd, especially since the perpetrator was a Trump hater who thought the president was in league with the Jews.

Ironically, the demonstrators, in that sense, agree with the homicidal anti-Semite Bowers because they too loathe Trump.  And yet more ironically, Bowers has a point:  Trump is the most pro-Israel president of all time with the possible exception of Truman.  But the demonstrators don't care about that because their attitudes toward Israel, despite its miraculous success, are at best ambivalent and often hostile.

A litany of Trump's pro-Jewish actions creates cognitive dissonance for them. They can't even look at it, even though, besides moving the embassy to Jerusalem, something promised by several presidents before him who reneged, his administration is filled with more Jews at high levels than any before.  To name just a few:  Steve Menuchin (secretary of the Treasury) and Larry Kudlow (director of the NEC) - both of whom had their hands in the current boom - Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, Special Assistant to the president Paul Teller, Jason Greenblatt (lead negotiator for a Palestinian-Israeli settlement), Ambassador David Friedman, son-in-law Jared Kushner, daughter Ivanka and several Jewish grandchildren who, at least for now, are not involved in government. There are many more, obviously.