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Pickens: 'I bought this bill!'

From Politico:

PICKENS PICKS UP SUPPORTERS — Oklahoma Republican John Sullivan says more than 200 businesses have signed onto his statement urging Congress to pass legislation (H.R. 1380) that would codify T. Boone Pickens’s plan to use federal funds to subsidize natural gas vehicles, including Chrysler, UPS and Apache. Conservative groups have convinced more than a dozen House members to drop their sponsorships of the bill, but 183 members have elected to keep their names on it. The statement and list: http://1.usa.gov/kEa6y6

I ran into a senior aide to a Republican Member in the past week who told me that Pickens claimed to his boss "I bought this bill!" The next day the Member in question then volunteered to me that he was indeed on the receiving end of the outburst.