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PHOTO: Wendy Davis Awkwardly Holds Ann Richards' Shotgun For Some Reason

So the other night, this would be Tuesday while the majority of the Texas political press were locked out, the Wendy Davis campaign thought it would be a good idea to make their candidate look more "badass."

This is the unfortunate result.





Holding a firearm and looking good isn't generally a difficult thing to do.

Say what want about Ann Richards, and I was certainly no fan, but at least she knew how to hold a shotgun without looking silly. She looks pretty beast here. She looks like someone who brought down a few birds in her time.


Sarah Palin has no trouble pulling off the effective shotgun shot.


Greg Abbott also had no trouble with it on this Texas Monthly cover.


Wendy Davis, on the other hand, joins fellow Democrats whose photo ops that were intended to make them look cool, didn't.