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Photo of the Day: Too Bad It's Not Shark Week

From RushLimbaugh.com.

That would be Michele Bachmann...jumping the Gardasil shark.

Some others may be strapping on the water skis to follow her up the ramp.

For those interested in relevant facts, which I assume is every reader here, here's a post full of them.

And here are some more.

Bachmann claimed that Merck "made millions" off of Perry's Gardasil executive order. But that order was never implemented, so Merck's millions were never made. So at a minimum, Bachmann doesn't know what she's talking about.

Bachmann insinuated that Merck's donations to Perry bought Perry's executive order. You know, the one that made Merck millions without ever being implemented. But Merck has kept on donating to Perry's campaigns even after 2007, right up to 2010, for a total of about $30,000 (which is not that much, by corporate or Big Labor standards), and additional larger donations to the RGA. Are they still trying to buy Perry? Maybe their plan is to keep stringing him along until he's president, and then he can spring Gardasil on the whole country...bwahahahaha! And he'd get away with it too, if not for a spunky congresswoman and a few meddling bloggers...

Bachmann also claims that a mom came up to her and said Gardasil caused her daughter's mental problems. Anecdotes are not science, though, and there is no scientific evidence that Gardasil has any serious side effects at all. It's still being monitored, as many relatively new drugs are to one extent or another, but it has been on the market for a while now. So in all likelihood, Bachmann took a sad but untrue story at face value and used it to attack Perry, rather than checking the facts first. Because the story was politically useful to her and others it was, as they say, too good to check.

More: Based on a couple of reactions to this post, here's all I have to say: