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Phoning it in?

I've really begun to think Obama is just phoning it in -- or the person who scripts the TelePromTer is. Look at today's speech for the Stimulus 2.0 Jobs Bill.

So far he has:

  • Accused the Republicans who brought his bill to the floor in the Senate of "blocking it" -- instead of Harry Reid, who actually blocked it.
  • Revived the story about the "functionally obsolete bridge" between Ohio and Kentucky, even though there was pretty general recognition that the Brent Spencer Bridge primarily was waiting on Federal approval and was "functionally obsolete" not because it was breaking down, but because it's too damn small.
  • And now it turns out the poor teacher with degrees and all who's been laid off three times is actually working on a "soft money" position that's renewed every term, is a Department of Education teaching fellow, and teaches in the local community college ¬†as well.

It's almost as if they don't even care about the facts any more.