Pete Sessions and the GOP Obamacare Cave

Translation: What’s an offensive plan? The problem is not that the GOP doesn’t know how to fight, the problem is that they have no desire to fight with their alleged political opposition. Grassroots conservatives? That’s another story.

The institutional GOP is fine with the status quo, and energizing the grassroots with talk of widespread losses of healthcare coverage, the coming loss of coverage for children, and insurance premium price spikes of 190 percent would disrupt that.

Said another town hall participant:

We are perpetually on defense. We never go on offense. And if you’re perpetually on defense, it’s just a question of how long it takes you to lose.

Sessions’ answer? It’s tough to go on offense when the other party controls the bully pulpit and all you’ve got is control of one-half of the Congress: “Barack Obama, if he gets a hangnail, he gets on national TV."

Funny how Democrats managed to get their message out when they controlled nothing.

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