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Pessimistic about 2012? Please.

Barack Obama is the guy who sat in a racist pastor’s church for more than 20 years as an adult and was allowed by a conspiring press to put it all to rest with a tidy little speech, which put more blame on his “typical white person” grandmother than on himself. Barack Obama is the man who was allowed to wave off a long association with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers with nothing more than a wink and a nod. Barack Obama is the man who has yet to release a single transcript which might lend a shred of credence to all those brilliant-beyond-brilliant claims. Barack Obama is the man who inspired banana-republic iconography and indulged in it himself, without a single cry of “weird” from the erstwhile punditry.

But Mr. Will really left me scratching my head in wonder as he claimed that America’s “sensible voters,” who don’t pay much attention this time of year to politics, would be turned off by the likes of Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee casting aspersions on the background of President Barack Obama.  “Sensible voters,” Mr. Will? Do you mean the kind of fawning, Barack-the-vote voting nincompoops who elected Mr. Almost-like-God as president?

Oh, please.  What is this country coming to?

There is not a single reason -- no, nary a one -- for any conservative to be worrying about seeming “weird.” And letting the left determine the definition of “weird,” at this point, is beyond weird.

The leftist media hacks, who virtually elected the most incompetent, starry-eyed adolescent president in history, have no business defining the qualities necessary in the next president.  And allowing them to do so -- especially with such a wide and varied presidential field now gearing up for 2012 -- is not only stupid. It is insane.

The media elites who refused to vet Barack Obama must now cover their own backsides and defend him at every corner. Every truly sensible American is aware of this by now, which is why viewership and readership continue to decline. I think Mr. Will probably lost quite a few readers himself.

I’ve said this before; I’m saying it again. Pessimism about 2012? Oh, please.

With conservative chances in 2012, I might run for president myself. Here’s my chant; hear me roar:

Obama lied; hope died.

The Iranians got the A-bomb, the Russians got their jive back and the Chinese own everything.

Obama played; Americans paid.

Jobs went bye-bye and never came back.

The dollar crashed; gas went to the moon.

And all Obama wonks could do was swoon.

So, take your last chance for national redemption…

Vote for the un-cool, work-experienced, good-without-a-teleprompter guy or gal who knows a friend from a foe and can add 2 + 2 and get 4 every single time.

I don’t know a single Republican -- including myself -- who doesn’t fit this bill. And there is not a single thing “weird” about it. What’s weird is this comedy of fools we’ve been subjected to for the past two years. And if George Will can’t see that, he needs to get out of Washington more often.