Pessimistic about 2012? Please.

What is the matter with people nowadays? Normally quite intelligent conservatives seem to be going feely-feely on us all of a sudden. Here we are, still nearly two years out from November 2012, and already there is talk of despair. Despair over what, pray tell?

The man-child president, who steadfastly prefers hoops, links, and brewski to governing, has failed to mature even a smidgen and is up to his skinny neck in failed liberal dream schemes, lawsuits with more than half the states, and a Mideast pressure cooker set to blow wide open at every stateside gas pump. Carter déjà vu? Not even close. This is turning out to be the presidency which will launch conservative statesmanship into a hundred-year reign.

And the estimable George Will has just written an editorial on why Republicans ought to be pessimistic about 2012 prospects. Methinks Mr. Will is losing his bearings and needs a vacation out in the heartland, away from the la-la land of the D.C. swamp. Out here, where Tea Parties are still going strong and adding ranks every day, folks are focusing on the electoral upside of this presidency instead of indulging in self-defeating despair.

But Mr. Will does have a powerful pen. So it’s quite disturbing to read his summation of what he assumes will be the Republican crop of 2012 presidential contenders. I say "assumes" because no one knows at this point who is running for sure.

Yet Mr. Will has declared that the already-presumed field ought to make all Republicans pessimistic, due to some George-Will-defined “weirdness” factor. Oh please.

Newt Gingrich is supposedly “weird” because he has had the gall to point out the anti-American, postcolonial ideological stands of Barack Obama. This is not weird. This is a historian (Newt was a historian before he was speaker of the House) trying to make sense of a man who lied through his teeth to get elected and remains, to this very day, a complete enigma.

Obama prattled on about being a post-racial, conciliatory uniter and then installed a thoroughly racist attorney general, intent on garnering justice for his “people” only. Obama railed against the individual mandate in the failed Hillarycare and then signed that monstrous individual mandate into Obamacare without batting an eyelash. Obama flagellated the Bush-era deficits and has since run higher deficits in one month than all of Bush’s last full year.

This list could go on forever and every observant citizen knows it by now. Liar is this president’s middle name. The only thing weird here is that anyone of any note in this country is still listening to the man. The fact that the whole D.C. crowd still declare that they like him -- along with a whopping 48% of the public -- is more than weird. It’s an anomaly fit for the Guinness Book of Weirdness.

To question Barack Obama’s ideology and its foundational roots is a virtue, one that we Americans once held in very high esteem. It’s called intellectual curiosity. And for Mr. Will’s benefit, it should be noted that only the dimmest bulbs in the basement would fail to remain curious about Barack Obama. This man has been covered for by more “journalists” than any guy since Stalin.