Pelosi on Tea Party: ‘Maybe Anarchy Would Be Better for You’

“This is historic. This is a very big deal. You cannot let 10 percent of the caucus – say 40 members or something, but they have enough to create the 218 a speaker needs to be elected – to say unless you shut down government you are no longer speaker,” Pelosi said. “This is stunning and it’s harmful to the institution because he [Boehner] did the right thing by keeping government open – he knew that meant they would vacate the chair over and over again but we had his back, of course, because for the institution you don’t want the speaker being overturned by 40 people.”

Pelosi said Democrats had Boehner’s back in budget battles for the good of the institution as a whole.

“This isn’t good for the institution, so we’ll see how they proceed from here,” she said.

Moderator Frank Sesno asked Pelosi about social media’s impact on governance.

“This band of brothers, they decided they were going to declare their independence from the biggest military force in the world, the biggest navy, the British, they would declare their independence and their declaration would be founded on all people are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights,” she replied. “The word got out because people were paying attention and they put it out there. Then they wrote the founding documents. Thank God they made them amendable so that they could be amended to have a more perfect union, but this was remarkable.”