PC Campus Culture Takes Out Alexandra Wallace

Ms. Wallace does not exactly fit the racist mold. She’s urban, attractive, full-bodied, and a devout flibbertigibbet. Fully equipped with our society's manufactured and false self-esteem, certain that her opinions are important and interesting, she made the mistake of sharing them on YouTube.

Her offending video criticized those Asians who she finds tiresome on the Westwood campus. For a little less than three minutes she shallowed forth about how Asians have quirky and annoying habits.

Her complaint revolves around their allegedly using cell phones in the library and that student relatives come to campus to clean their laundry. She also performed an imitation of how they sound while blabbing on the phone. What she said was embarrassing and obtuse, but little more. A Black Panther threatening Philadelphia voters she’s not.

Her monologue went viral. Mirror sites ensured the world could behold the clip even after she deleted her YouTube channel. (One such site boasts 6,000,000 plus views as of this writing).

Unfortunately for Ms. Wallace, she soon discovered that being a goofy, opinionated, callow youth is no defense when brought before the fascist hanging judges who adjudicate appropriateness within our culture. What would be dismissed as mundane valley girl gibberish in 1981 now amounts to a hate crime thirty years later.

Wallace’s moronities enflamed the leftist media. A writer at The Nation dubbed her another “example of incendiary, bigoted campus speech.” The Huffington Post decried it as a “racist rant.” The statist feminists of Jezebel followed suit with brilliant creativity, labeling her a “racist ranter.” Most astoundingly, the New York Lies Times devoted an editorial to Wallace’s “clearly racist words.”

This was PC propaganda, but Wallace issued an apology anyway:

I made a mistake. My mistake, however, has lead to the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats, and being ostracized from an entire community. Accordingly, for personal safety reasons, I have chosen to no longer attend classes at UCLA.

Defying expectations, the university responded rationally by not punishing Wallace -- although they maintained their cultural Marxism bona fides by first lecturing that they were “appalled” by “the sentiments expressed.” No matter. She is gone, and will be shamed by the event for the rest of her life.

That such a donnybrook resulted from the vapid utterances of a student illustrates how racism hysteria has conquered our country. As an “ism,” racism is so powerful that guilt is automatically presumed whenever an allegation is made.

It may strike conservatives as odd, but merely impersonating someone has become an odious act. It used to be non-remarkable and occasionally very entertaining. Think of Rich Little’s career! Yet precedent exists for its standing as a prejudicial abomination.

Recall what happened to the rabbi who exposed Helen Thomas as a heinous anti-Semite. Just as with Joe the Plumber, the rabbi quickly found himself in the left’s crosshairs. Radicals unearthed evidence of his prior impersonation of a Mexican person. Oh no! Yes, to leftists, whites imitating non-whites is de facto proof of racism. Copying an accent is racist because…the left says it is.

All of this elucidates why conservatives would be wise to ignore political correctness entirely. To those leftists who wish to structure our speech we should, in the words of the worst president in history, “argue with them and get in their face.”

Leftists are not our friends. They are our foes. Being chivalrous towards enemies results in defeats like the one we are currently experiencing in Wisconsin. The Democratic Party has been taken over by radicals who despise our country and wish to transfer America’s wealth to the third world.

We must not assume good faith with those who are devoid of honor and character. They will push their agenda until they succeed in turning our nation into Democratic Kampuchea. Thus, we should eschew pessimism, push back, and verbally fight them with everything we have. Define your enemy. Free your speech. Do not leave the fray, and never, ever surrender. We can still save the greatest nation on earth.