PC Campus Culture Takes Out Alexandra Wallace

Just a few months ago, Alexandra Wallace was a UCLA student with her own YouTube channel. Thanks to political correctness -- that evil, communicative virus that erodes our pride in Constitution and country -- she’s now a college dropout who had to flee campus in the midst of death threats.

The United States in 2011 faces serious crises on several fronts. In terms of importance, the federal government’s monstrous, irresponsible debt is our most pressing concern. Debilitating annual deficits are a sword of Damocles threatening our sovereignty and national security. Documenting its peril and the ways we can avert calamity is an overwhelming imperative for conservatives. If we are to take our nation back we must ensure that something viable remains.

Political correctness is not quite as dangerous to the American endeavor as debt and money printing, but, as the Wallace case shows, it is every bit as antithetical. To the left, PC is an essential vehicle for silencing conservatives. It constantly evolves to squelch the expression of those arguments that statists are incapable of answering.

PC has many definitions but the one I will posit here is the deliberate attempt, via appeals to conformity and the creation of social mores, to realize a leftist political agenda. Two of the most ubiquitous words used to justify PC totalitarianism are “sensitivity” and “inclusivity.” One displays sensitivity when he or she allows leftists to talk without interruption while inclusivity is evidenced when third parties reflexively defer to whatever delusional policies the Democrats wish to implement.

More than anything else, political correctness demands that citizens shut their mouths and refrain from articulating common sense in the face of madness. This cultural Marxism is a rigged game and the preferred weapon of control freaks everywhere. Whether a proposition strikes you as crazy or not, its best practice to say nothing about it. Cultural Marxism is very much alive in the new millennium, so interwoven with our daily activities and conversation that some people are no longer capable of resistance.

Under its edicts, the drone who parrots PC is deemed intelligent, compassionate, learned, and evolved, whereas the individual who enunciates the truth is a Neanderthal, a bumpkin, and all too often…a Republican.

What is crucial is that citizens are purged of those unpredictable behaviors that make them human and capable of questioning utopian fantasies. PC is social control, and in no area has it triumphed more convincingly than in regards to race.

With race relations, a Belial rule is followed: Non-leftist whites are forbidden to say anything at all about race unless it’s to apologize for something. That plenty of minorities get caught in PC’s despotic web is ignored altogether.

This state of affairs is a result of Democrats continuing to see themselves -- despite being the party of slavery and segregation -- as the keepers of the demonic R. They hold that they and their purple hordes are the only mortals fit to decide what is racist and what is not.

They rewrite history and pretend their lust for social justice fueled the victories of the Civil Rights era. Of course, this is nothing but Abzug and bunkum. Twenty percent more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than did Democrats. Leftist talking heads though deny ever having heard of boll weevils and that the southern segregationists were as integral to the Democratic Party as Tammany Hall.

Racism, both as a concept and a pejorative, has been so frivolously applied and distorted over the last three decades that most accusations have little to do with discriminating against others on the basis of skin color.

Nowadays the insult most often defames a person that leftists simply don’t like. Disagreeing with a statist is all it takes to find oneself compared to infamous white supremacists.

The examples are infinite. Oppose public workers shaking down civic governments? It’s a civil rights issue and one linked to the legacy of Martin Luther King (seriously). The same thing is true if one questions the government’s degradation of health care.

Conservatives oppose ObamaCare for the soundest of reasons as everything the federocracy touches becomes inefficient and dysfunctional. Yet Democrats are immune to illumination. Last year one of their senators even equated those who oppose the health care power grab with deceased segregationists.

Most of us intuit that in order to be a country, borders must be defended. The Democratic Party knows better. Arresting aliens who illegally hop our fences is also a “racist” act in their eyes.

Enter Alexandra Wallace, the latest example of a twisted racist whom we all must despise.