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PayPal Relents and Apologizes to Pamela Geller

Geller said she believes the "hate site" designation was the result of a series of bus ads her organizations ran in New York City and Miami, Fla., which promoted the website RefugefromIslam.com. Geller said the ads were in response to a series of bus advertisements she saw in Florida while covering the story of Rifqa Bary, the teenage Muslim girl who converted to Christianity and said she was afraid her family would kill her.

Geller said the ads were not intended to be offensive but to give those converting information about help they could find if they felt they were in danger.

"I think it was Islamist supremacists who reported it as (a hate site)," Geller said. "They wanted to turn off the spigot (of donations)."

Geller said the ad buys were paid for by small donations of $18 to $50 by visitors to her site.

"Honestly I have been interviewed intensively for the last two weeks (by major news outlets)," Geller said. "It apparently was offensive to Muslims. I don't believe that, I don't believe Muslim Americans don't believe in religious freedom."

Regardless, Geller said she believes she won a victory.

"It is a victory that they came back crawling," she said, adding she will no longer be using PayPal, but a similar service called GPal.

"Apparently some disenfranchised PayPalers started the site and promote Second Amendment issues," she said, adding she'd received several recommendations about the service over the weekend.

PJM made repeated requests for comment to PayPal which were not returned. In fact, we were given a non-working phone number as the number for a spokesperson.

PJM also made multiple attempts to contact former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who is running on the Republican ticket for governor of California. PayPal is owned by eBay.