Parade of Fools Set to Descend on Washington

Next week the liberals will troop to Washington en masse to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama. But not satisfied with having won the election and expanded their power in the House and Senate, the loonier leftist extremists are committed to putting their peculiar brand of nitwittery on parade throughout the inaugural festivities.

It all started with a left-wing hissy fit over Pastor Rick Warren being invited to give a prayer at the inauguration. Now we have the atheist element in the Democratic Party protesting prayers of any sort at the inauguration combined with the "gay, lesbian, transgender, etc." crowd launching specific denunciations of Warren due to his Biblically-based admonitions against sinful behavior and gay marriage.

Apparently, neither of these groups has figured out that the ongoing policy input that Warren can expect to provide to the Obama administration is akin to the "play calling" input that a pastor giving a pregame prayer at a football game generally makes after the opening kickoff: none.

Nevertheless, actress Anne Hathaway is among the liberal representatives from Hollywood who will make their disgust with Warren's involvement known through their display of anti-Warren ribbons. The protest ribbons are white ribbons tied into a knot. Anne hasn't yet indicated whether she will be wearing a second ribbon of some other color to denounce longtime boyfriends who plead guilty to 14 counts of fraud and money laundering like her own boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. Apparently, Anne is much more tolerant of big-time international crooks and scammers than she is of Christian pastors.

The inaugural parade is also in the target sights of the left. The political correctness police are on patrol to make sure that the parade does not include any expression, logo, group, or sentiment that might create some real or imagined slight. The Roosevelt High School marching band from Wyandotte, Michigan, will be the only group of high school musicians from Michigan marching in the parade. But a letter threatening litigation from Harvey Gunderson, who claims to be president of Religious Americans Against Indian Nicknames and Logos, put a damper on the band's excitement.