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PalinTracker: What's Happening on September 5?

First, catching up on what the Big Guys have to say, then what Palin said in Iowa:


Karl Rove: Palin will run and will announce sometime around Labor Day. She "has a schedule next week that looks like that of a candidate, not a celebrity."

John McCain: Palin would be "formidable" in 2012. He also says she has not solicited his advice.


Frank Luntz: "No room" for Palin in GOP field


Washington Post: The reasons Sarah Palin wouldn't run for president.

BigGovernment: Palin v. Obama (Faith in American People v. Faith in Government)

"Game On!" Palin says in Iowa radio ad


Salon: How to make Sarah Palin disappear -- If you want her to just go away, you should probably be hoping she decides to run for president


Bachmann and Palin ahead of Pelosi in Forbes' Powerful Women List


Los Angeles Times: Five reasons why Sarah Palin will run (and five reasons why she won't)


Not to be outdone: Eight reasons why Palin should run. Eight reasons why she shouldn't

Steve Forbes says "Palin will run" in BBC interview


Palin to speak at NH tea party rally, Labor Day appearance to come 2 days after Iowa speech


Sarah Palin to visit South Korea -- 10/11-13 to keynote a Seoul forum


Politico: Sarah Palin, the outsider

RealClearPolitics: Palin to rip "Crony Capitalism" in Iowa speech

Palin says "there's room for more"


She didn't announce, but she didn't say no. Instead, she told us what she believes and will fight for.