PalinTracker: Still Rising

PJM's PalinTracker has been on hiatus for quite a while, but your Humble Guide to All Things Palin is ready once again to hack through the jungle of media jive to reveal those gems worth your consideration.

Playing catch-up, I'll simply refer you to the Daily Beast, where Shushannah Walshe rings out the old year:

After the 2008 campaign, it was widely believed that Sarah Palin would resume her job as governor of Alaska, disappearing again into the Last Frontier. Two years later, watching her on home turf has become a Sunday night treat, and Palin herself is uncontained. ... During the past 365 days, there doesn't seem to have been a moment without her in the headlines.

Photo gallery: The Year in Palin

A few lingering buzzworthy items:

December 21

Hyper-interest in Palin's literary choices serves one purpose: trap-laying. But the trappers got caught themselves recently when they pounced on Palin's tribute to C. S. Lewis as a source of inspiration.

Joy Behar cackled: "Aren't those children books?"

Michael Flaherty's elegant response set the record straight: "On Palin's Reading List, C.S. Lewis: He wasn't a children's writer, as the governor's critics proclaim -- not by a long shot," giving Lewis his due as scholar and theologian and comparing Behar to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader's Eustace, a priggish, spiteful bully who thinks he knows it all, yet knows laughably little.

December 27

Oprah falls behind Sarah in Gallup's Most Admired poll:

1. Hillary 17%

2. Sarah 12%

3. Oprah 11%

4. Michelle Obama 5%


USA Today's Faith & Reason: "Sarah Palin is 2010 top religion voice for many." They find Palin the top 2010 religion newsmaker among readers, ahead of the Ground Zero imam or Pope Benedict:

Palin is no pastor, priest, or imam. But the TV talk/reality star ex-governor author infuses all her speeches and her two best-sellers with references to God and a vision of the United States as exceptionally blessed.


On the other hand, USA Today's Robert Schlesinger notes: "Poll: Sarah Palin Really Unpopular in Alaska."

December 29

DeMint: Palin Has Done More For GOP Than Anyone Since Reagan


Cal Thomas: "Palin Deserves an Apology":

When she said that the new health-care law would lead to "death panels" deciding who gets life-saving treatment and who does not, she was roundly denounced and ridiculed.

Now we learn, courtesy of one of the ridiculers -- the New York Times -- that she was right. Read more at She Told Us So.

December 28

In case you missed the S'mores Heard 'Round the World:

On her Alaska TV series, Palin's humorous swipe at Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign prompted a Leftist call to arms in which Mike Huckabee, by virtue of his defense of Michelle's NannyState, became the unlikely darling of the Huffington Post -- at least for five minutes. Above the cacophony, one analysis rang simple and true: Caffeinated Mom's "Mike Huckabee, Not Sarah Palin, Misunderstands Michelle Obama's Childhood Obesity Campaign."

December 29

Best of Facebook 2010: Politics & Government reported readers rate Palin one of the best Facebook politicians:

More than 2.5 million people have "liked" her page, which she uses to communicate directly and authentically with supporters.

December 30

Moving to Arizona?

Bristol Palin is reported to have bought a 5-bedroom house in Arizona for $172,500, with plans to attend Arizona State University next year. Is Sarah planning to move there too?

As one commenter notes: 2000 miles closer to the White House.


As reported at WeaselZippers, Obama supporters launch PrimariesForPalin:

Mission Statement aims to nominate Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate by encouraging Democrats and Independents to purposefully vote for her in state primaries, which would all but ensure President Barack Obama's reelection. In head-to-head polls with Obama, Palin consistently fares worse than other possible Republican candidates because of her divisiveness. If Palin is nominated, Obama has a much better chance of winning reelection in November 2012.

January 1, 2011

UPI reports:

Palin ranks second in the annual Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey -- behind Sandra Bullock, ahead of Ellen Degeneres, Barack and Michelle Obama (26, 10 and 9, 8 and 7 percent respectively)


2012 Palin panic hits MSNBC: "I'm just praying that Sarah Palin goes away"