PalinTracker: Into the Breach!

We should rally around a woman who has proven herself able to rise above the insults, slander, and bullying, a woman who has stayed consistently on message and whose values are the same as ours. A woman who has the courage and charisma to rally the troops to go through the fire with her.

I never thought until I saw her speech yesterday that she could win. As PJM’s PalinTracker, I review hundreds of articles, columns, and video clips each month -- mostly slander and unspeakable garbage. Just as you would never expect a victim dragged by a rope on the back of a pickup truck to survive, no matter how much I admired her, I was doubtful whether Palin -- or any human being -- could ever recover from the Propaganda Press's misogynist drumbeat and lethal lies, not to mention the constant demeaning by RINO men.

But with yesterday's speech, and with the lack of male leadership in the Republican Party, I'm ready to become a believer again.

After all, it was women who carried the Tea Party -- women coming out of the conservative closet, organizing events, confronting the issues, and spreading the truth though blogs and social networks.

Now is the time to fight. Let's support conservative women -- all of whom have been subjected to the most vile hate speech we've heard in our lifetimes, and yet who've stood up and spoken the truth clearly and fearlessly.

We need to support, protect, and pray for these women, and raise hell with Republican men who are so eager to dismiss them: Rove and Gingrich and the sad cast of Tired Old Republican men who coulda-woulda-shoulda. In the end those self-important, self-appointed party bosses have all compromised politically and personally. And they've done nothing to save our country -- even rhetorically -- but sit on their ever-fatter behinds, doing talk shows and making believe they still have importance in the grand scheme of things.

They’ve had their chance. Now it's the up-and-coming women and minorities (Allen West, Herman Cain) who will lead the way when it comes to conservative values and restoration of our country to the exceptionalism and pride it always deserved.

But it's up to us to support them by once again doing our research, knowing the issues, using social networks, and seizing every opportunity we can to refute the mainstream lies. Time to stop being "moderate" and compliant with the Lamestream Media's demands. We are now the counter-culture. We are now the hope and change.