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PalinTracker: Endorses Hoffman, MSM Rewrites History, a Petty Nation

October 20

People magazine rewrites Palin history:

About a year after Sarah Palin famously turned down a campaign season appearance with talk show host -- and major Barack Obama supporter -- Oprah Winfrey, the former GOP vice presidential candidate has agreed to take her turn on the couch.

Courtney Hazlitt of MSNBC claims the same.

Fact check: "Is Oprah Biased? Host Won't Interview Palin:" Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin Isn't Welcome on Oprah(9/5/08)


Democrats, running scared of conservative women, try some scare tactics of their own, warning Seattle voters that Susan Hutchison, candidate for King County executive, could be the next Sarah Palin. Planned Parenthood and SEIU bring in big time money for a small time campaign, but ya know, Sarah Palin started as mayor of a small town, so it's never too early to start the termination process.

And proving Palin is a powerful icon, no matter which side you’re on ...

October 21

Entertainment Weekly reports:

We know that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin can hunt, and even field-dress a moose, but how will she take to poachers on her book sales? Start-up publisher OR Books has announced plans to publish Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare, a collection of essays about the maverick.

For the sake of confusion (and sales?), Going Rouge -- produced by editors of progressive mag The Nation -- will be released the same day as Going Rogue.