PalinTracker: Accent Explained, Dining with Graham, Going Birther?

November 16-25

For 10 days it might as well have been Palin Planet.

Millions saw Sarah's duel of icy-nicey with Oprah -- but it was much more interesting to leave the People magazine stuff behind and hear Palin talking policy and ideas with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Greta Van Susteren.

We'll get to that, but first an esoteric bit of knowledge to impress your friends:

The reason Palin's accent sounds somewhat Minnesota is that she grew up in a region of Alaska originally populated by over 200 families who moved north in 1935 from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

This according to three University of Wisconsin linguists in an article titled "Dialect, Perceiving Dialect, and New Dialect Formation: Sarah Palin's Speech," which appears in the December issue of the Journal of English Linguistics.

According to the University of Wisconsin's Badger-Herald, "The study specifically analyzed Palin's use of colloquial words and phrases, which were perceived as informal by many." Reporters were very concerned about her colloquialisms, "g-dropping," and vernacular such as "darn," heck," and "you betcha."

Funny that no one seems to notice Obama's affected 'hoodspeak, "g-dropping," and use of the word "sucker" to describe pardoned turkeys and executed flies.

November 17

The media are miffed at Sarah. Not only is her book stupid and dumb, but she and Missouri's College of the Ozarks have made her December 2 convocation address a private affair. The nerve!


Newsbusters reports: "Four Days After Airing Fake Photos of Sarah Palin, MSNBC 'Fact Checks' Former Governor."

November 18

Fans line up a day in advance for Palin's first stop -- Grand Rapids -- on the Going Rogue book tour. She signs books for 3 ½ hours.


The New York Times runs a surprisingly frank and fair interview with the RNC-hired stylist who dressed Palin and her family for the 2008 campaign. The interview affirms that Palin did not indulge in shopping sprees (how could she have had the time?), that much of the expense involved providing choices and many items were returned, and that the bottom line included a hefty fee of nearly $55,000 for the designer herself  -- a Manhattan mother of three who did not feel the expenditure to be out of line for a campaign.


The Chicago Tribune reports that the Palin interview gave Oprah her highest ratings in two years. Guess that's reason enough for Oprah grinning gritting and bearing it.


The Los Angeles Times website appears to have made a personal crusade of Palin pushback, posting at least half a dozen hit pieces about her each day -- even more than the Huffington Post. Never have so many smart people gone to such great lengths to prove how dumb someone is. But if they're so smart, why should it matter? Why is the cool and popular crowd so fixated on putting down a certain little nobody from nowhere? Inquiring minds already know.

November 19

Book signing: 1200 at Fort Wayne, Indiana.

This was the week when America -- whether pro or con -- revolved around Palin, you betcha. Each day filled with hundreds of articles, thousands of blogs, and millions of words about Palin. Christian Science Monitor: "Obama in Asia? Health care reform? Nope. It's Sarah Palin week."