Palestinians Win Their 'Venomous' Status Upgrade at the UN

The bill comes on the heels of an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act introduced yesterday by Barrasso, along with Sens. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah), that would cut 50 percent of the total U.S. funds to the PA and also to any UN entity that grants the Palestinians a status change. It also cuts all U.S. foreign assistance to any country voting for the status change by 20 percent.

“The Palestinian Authority’s attempt to change their United Nations’ status is a purely political maneuver that will circumvent direct peace process negotiations with Israel," Barrasso said. "If the Palestinians move forward with this irresponsible plan, they will violate international agreements, undermine the peace process and threaten the security of our ally.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) echoed the sentiment that there should be consequences for today's UN move.

“Abu Mazen, instead of condemning the Gaza rocket fire and negotiating with Israel for lasting peace, spent the past week congratulating Hamas for its efforts to murder Israeli civilians, while offering condolences for Hamas’s ‘martyrs.’ Now the UN’s vote to grant de facto UN recognition of a non-existent Palestinian state has pushed peace with Israel even further away," she said.

“It’s crystal clear that Abu Mazen and his cronies are not partners for peace and do not value their relationship with the U.S. The U.S must stand with our ally Israel and offer no U.S. taxpayer dollars and no political support for the PLO," Ros-Lehtinen continued. "As other UN bodies will no doubt use General Assembly resolution as an excuse to grant membership to a non-existent Palestinian state, U.S. law is clear: UN agencies that grant membership to a Palestinian state lose their U.S. funding. If the administration again seeks to gut U.S. law and keep funding those reckless UN agencies, Congress’ response must be simple: No.”

The White House didn't issue comment after the vote.

"They've declared the state twice before. There's no Palestinian state today," Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said on CNN. "…If they move forward against us in an aggressive way, trying to declare Israeli soldiers, say, as war criminals, we're going to have to defend ourselves, just the way defend ourselves against Hamas rockets a few days ago. But again, if they're willing to sit down with us, we will talk to them."

Jewish groups reacted swiftly to the move and Abbas' violation of the Oslo Accords.

"In requesting this action, PLO Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is effectively turning his back on talks with Israel and destroying his credibility as someone genuinely interested in a serious peace process," AIPAC said in a statement. "Instead, Abbas has reinforced the message he sent in a May 2011 New York Times op-ed that he intends to widen the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by pursuing claims against Israel before international bodies that can neither bring peace nor well-being to his people."

The Simon Wiesenthal Center summed up today's action as Abbas showing "he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity for peace."

"Today's vote in the UN has nothing to do with reality. Peace in the Middle East will only come when the Palestinians sit down with the Israelis and negotiate," said Rabbi Marvin Hier. "There is no other way to achieve peace in the Middle East."

The Center announced a new initiative in coming weeks to counter the "Big Lie" -- that the Jewish people are intruders in their own land.

But the National Jewish Democratic Council tried to use today's vote as proof of their assertion that Obama moving away from Israel is just a big lie.

"Those who cried ‘wolf’ about an alleged radical change in the U.S.-Israel relationship during President Obama’s second term need to do some serious reflecting on the events of November 2012 and give the reelected pro-Israel President of the United States the thanks and respect that he is due," NJDC Chairman Marc R. Stanley said.