Palestinians Want Israel Out of Soccer, and Everywhere Else

As Ben-Dror Yemini notes:

The BDS movement has been conducting a campaign … on multiple fronts -- on campuses, in workers’ unions, and in the media. It is amassing troubling victories. More and more student unions in the U.S. are joining the boycott. Leading newspapers like the New York Times are providing a platform for boycott advocates …

Support for Israel in the United States is at its peak. But it’s an illusion. On campuses, at research institutes, and in media outlets, there has been a consistent, protracted, and dangerous erosion of support for Israel.

Now, a new report finds:

[There has been a] marked increase in the number and intensity of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic incidents on American college campuses …

During this academic year, ADL counted a total of 520 anti-Israel events on campus, representing a 38% increase …

Moreover, boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaigns were initiated on a total of 29 U.S. college campuses, nearly double the campaigns seen during the previous academic year.

The BDS campaign is heavily funded by Qatar and led by destroy-Israel activists Omar Barghouti and Ali Abunimah. Essentially, it uses the Big Lie technique perfected by Hitler and Goebbels. Most people in the West know little about Israel. If one keeps publicly tying the word Israel to words like "apartheid," "racism," and "massacre," it starts to become a tune in people’s mind, and leaves a sediment.

Israel is the hub and fulcrum of the Jewish world, and has great resources to fight BDS if it chooses to make use of them. If it takes something like an attempted soccer boycott of the Jewish State to get more Israeli minds focused on the danger, then that attempt will paradoxically have done some good.