Palestinians, Uighurs, and the Curiously Selective Media

A month ago, in China’s Muslim Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 140 Muslims were killed by the Chinese riot police. We are talking about Uighur Muslims whose lives on the media market only represent a fraction of the value of Arab Muslims killed by Jews.

I realize that nine Islamist activists who love to sing the evergreen "Death to Jews" -- really, innocent folklore in those regions -- killed by Israeli soldiers is an act without comparison in the world. It is the lowest and vilest thing that happened since the Holocaust. How dare they kill peace-loving Islamists who sing innocent lyrics like "Death to Jews"?

Still, think about what happened there in China. An astonishing 140 Muslims killed by the Chinese police. Okay, it’s not like nine killed by Jews, but it’s pretty bad.

There was almost no mentioning of these deaths in the Western media, but here and there you can find some reference to this "Holocaust’ (if the Turks and Palestinians call the death of nine Muslims a Holocaust, we easily can call this a Holocaust too, can’t we?).

What happened?  AFP news agency quoted Alim Seytoff, general secretary of the Uighur American Association in Washington, as saying that police had begun "indiscriminately" shooting at protesting crowds.

Gee, that’s awful, isn’t it? Really, really awful. I mean, not as bad as nine peace-loving extremist Muslims killed by Jews, but still, pretty bad.

What do these Uighur Muslims want? Here it is: "Xinjiang's eight million Uighurs have complained of political, cultural and religious persecution by Beijing and there have been repeated calls by Uighurs for independence."