Palestinian 'Lone Wolves' Attack Synagogue

And on Tuesday, after the massacre in the synagogue, Palestinians again took to the streets but in a more celebratory mode, handing out sweets and flaunting axes and posters of the two killers.

Hamas, which rules Gaza and is a U.S.- and European Union-designated terror organization, said the synagogue attack was a “reaction” to the “execution” of the bus driver and called for more “revenge attacks.”

But what of Fatah, which rules the West Bank and is considered the “moderate” Palestinian faction?

You needed special powers to discern much difference between its reaction and Hamas’s, as Fatah’s website called the massacre a “heroic operation,” its officials called it “a natural response to the…crimes of the settlers,” and the organization’s Facebook page announced it was handing out candy in West Bank cities.

That left Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas as the supposed “responsible adult” on the Palestinian side despite having engaged in unrelenting anti-Israeli incitement in recent weeks.

And indeed it was widely reported that Abbas had “condemned” the attack. The problem arises if you go past the headlines and look at what he actually said.