PajamasMedia Saturday Week in Review

The Sanity Squad on our own dear leaders, and containing Kim.

• Baron Bodissey investigates the Department of the Interior's blog-blocking moves.

• Cathy Seipp on the bloodletting at the L.A. Times.

Nidra Poller reports from Paris on the disappointing verdict in the Philippe Karsenty/France 2 case.

How Lawyers Hobble the CIA and Damage the War Effort, by Richard Miniter.

Michael Yon on the enduring legacy of Mikhail Kalashnikov's AK-47.

• Richard Miniter on Democratic senatorial candidate Benjamin Cardin's fake followers.

• The perfect kitty litter for techies.

• Finishing a great book? Find out what to read next.

PO2 (SEAL) Michael Monsoor: The Best We Have

• Earth to Mid-East Muslims: Get a life. Victor Davis Hanson does it again at Works and Days

Our complete coverage of the UNSC's decision to impose punitive sanctions on North Korea.

• "Polls suck and don't indicate squat," and other gems from the Battle of November.

• Are Chinese soldiers murdering Tibetans in cold blood? Watch the video.

Hawaii's Big Quake. Didn't shake it up all that much.

• IDF Incursion into Gaza - Iraq Death Toll Tops 3,000 - Hezbollah Websites and more in The MidEast.

The Manolo turns the two years old.

America's Dumbest Congressmen.

Food Stamps in Four Hours and other courses for credit.

• President Bush signs terrorist interrogation legislation. This is going to leave a mark.

X21 renamed Freerangers. Pajamas given away. Population rejoices at demise of yet another alphanumeric name.

• Richard Miniter finds out what it is about black Republicans that drives white Democrats crazy.

Phil Angelides accuses Friend-of-Nelson-Mandela Arnold Schwarzenegger of having supported apartheid. (Phil Angelides is the Democratic candidate in California's gubernatorial race.)

Jousting with the Lancet: Pajamas Media correspondent Richard Miniter interviews professor Gilbert Burnham.

Blog Week in Review: Featuring author Lawrence Wright discussing his book The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 with Richard Fernandez and host Austin Bay.