Pajamas Weekend Review

The best of the week @ Pajamas:

Genn's Candidates: Hillary Clinton

The Cool Water of the Koran (Part V) - Salim Mansur

Bowling For Virginia Tech: Who Made Him Do This? - Oleg Atbashian

Power Line at 4 1/2 - Roger L. Simon Interviews John Hinderaker

Iran's Parliament vs. Ahmadinejad - Meir Javedanfar

Baghdad Dispatch: The Wall - Omar Fadhil

Stalking Wild Truffles in Oregon - Nancy Rommelman

Police Pay-Wagons of Iraq - Richard Miniter

Healthy? Don't Click! - Max Sawicky

Sanity Squad: Involuntary Commitment

Hair Ball! - The John Edwards snips but does not score. - The Manolo

The Scolder of France - Nidra Poller

Genn's Candidates: Rudy Giuliani

Made In Iran: A Traitor's Tale - Richard Miniter