Pajamas Weekend Review

The best of the week @ Pajamas:

Inside the Green Zone: Rich Miniter Interviews Mithal Al-Alusi

Paris Blues: A Cop Killing at the Carnival

Wake Up and Smell the Medium Roast - Everything subtle about the coffee in it has been burned to the ground. Here's why. - Nancy Rommelmann

The Glenn and Helen Show: Michael S. Malone on the Past and Future of Silicon Valley

Book Review: Bill and Dave - Bill Hewlett and David Packard started in a garage and created the modern world. - Glenn Reynolds

Baghdad Report: Sadr Ministers Out, Now What?

UN Attack Helicopters. Debate from Above! - Be afraid. Be very afraid. - Jules Crittenden

Sanity Squad: What Went Wrong at Virginia Tech?

A Threat to Their Own Campus? - Round two in the battle between Daniel Pipes and radical Muslims in the California university system. - Aaron Hanscom

The Al-Qaeda Protection Racket in Iraq - Who's funding al-Qaeda terror in Iraq? - Richard Miniter

Blog Week in Review: Finding a Way to Lose

A Hero Is Laid To Rest - Professor Liviu Librescu is buried in Israel.

The Corn & Miniter Show - Episode 6

Paris Blues: Predicting the French Presidential Elections -- Sarkozy by 5

"300" Reasons to Watch the NBA Playoffs - Rick Moran