Pajamas Weekend Review

The best of the week @ Pajamas:

IRAQ REPORT -- Iran in Retreat

Zimbabwe Now: Dictatorship, Oppression and a Diet of Rats - An Interview by Richard Fernandez, PJM Sydney

Film: 300 Questions

Smashing Dissent in Egypt - Egypt Moves to Eliminate Freedom to Protest, Freedom to Assemble, Freedom to Speak

Blog Week in Review: Groupthink

The Cool Water of the Koran (Part IV)

Mario! Mario!> - Never trust a thin chef.

The Gospel of John & Yoko: The Origins of Mad Morality

Four Years In. 300? It's Just a Movie. - by Jules Crittenden

BAGHDAD REPORT: Checkpoint and Double Checkpoint

Exclusive to PJM: Fred Thompson on "300"

Airbus A380, You Are Clear to Land

Sanity Squad: Killer Confession

The Calm Between the Storms - Allison Kaplan Sommer reports on the direction in which the winds are blowing in Israel

The Glenn and Helen Show: Michael Yon Reports on the Surge